Fresh Picks for Fall from BeautyCounter

Fresh Picks for Fall from BeautyCounter

Today Lindsay from The Naughty Mommy is guest posting and sharing her Fresh Picks for Fall from BeautyCounter     Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Hi, everyone! Now that summer is almost over, I wanted to share some of my favorite Beautycounter products for the fall. In case you are unfamiliar with Beautycounter’s philosophy, here […]

Mini Fashionistas: Nordstrom Girl’s Sale Picks

Mini Fashionistas Nordstrom  Girl's Sale Picks

  It’s Nordstrom Clearance Sale!!  Just in time for Back to School I picked a few of my absolute favorites for little girls.  I love the idea of stocking up on sun dresses and having Hayley wear them during the winter with long-sleeved tees under them.  Hayley is very anti jeans so I picked lots […]

First Day of School Printable

First Day of School Printable Questions

It’s all about Back to School this week in our house!!  Check out this adorable, downloadable questionnaire for your child’s FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  Easy to download, print and fill to with your child AND HERE IS THE DOWNLOADABLE VERSION!!!   Be sure to check out my post on Promoting Kindness in Children. It’s got […]

Fun Fridays Blog Giveaway Link-Up

Giveaway Link-Up | Finnegan & The Hughes

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! My oldest starts Kindergarten on Tuesday (AHH!! Hold Me!!) I am an emotional wrack over it!!!  Since so many are starting school I thought I would share some Tips to Promote Kindness and Acceptance in Kids Check them out HERE Is it really the last weekend of August?? TIME FLIES!!!! Anyway, I am […]

Tips To Promote Kindness and Acceptance in Kids

Tips To Promote Kindness and Acceptance in Kids #NetflixKids

Back to school time is always filled with such a huge range of emotions, for both parents and kids!  As my kids start in new classes with new faces I know they get nervous about making friends. While they are excited for the adventures that await them they still get nervous!   I am constantly […]

My Happy Birthday #Blogust Post


Today is my birthday!  It’s a big day and my last year before I start a new age group, 40 and up!  It’s my first time ever turning 39.  I think 39 is a milestone.  I have heard many that claim to have turned 39 over and over again. It’s funny how they never get […]

Questions to Ask Your Child’s Kindergarten Teacher

Questions to Ask Your Child's Kindergarten Teacher

Derek is starting Kindergarten AND his school is in the process of hiring a new Kindergarten teacher.  Yes, the teacher still hasn’t been hired.  I am taking deep breaths and staying positive and optimistic that they will find someone.  Derek will go to private Kindergarten because our township is half day which is actually only […]



It’s 2014 and most people I know and interact with have Facebook pages and smartphones.  It’s the age of text messaging, instagraming and status updates. We all post things, tweet things and share photos. I share my children’s accomplishments on Facebook. I write a blog and I am an open and out there person.  However, there […]