#PlayskoolPlaydate in Philadelphia


Recently Hayley, Derek and I were invited to a Playskool Playdate to check out some of their new toys coming out.  When I told the kids we were going to “test toys” they were SO EXCITED!!!  Derek told all his friends at preschool and his teachers.  We took a day off and headed in to […]

Thoughtful Thursday: The Ride to Conquer Cancer


When my friend Erica told me she was signing up for The Ride to Conquer Cancer I was so impressed.  It’s a huge undertaking to ride for two whole days, 150 miles. for a cause.  You need to be dedicated, passionate and really want it!! I asked Erica if she would share her story here […]

Ideas to Boost Kids Brain-Power During the Summer Months

Ideas to  Boost Kids  Brain-Power   During the  Summer Months

Derek just finished preschool and will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  He had a whole graduation ceremony and won the FUTURE SCIENTIST AWARD!! I was SO PROUD!!  Some kids won best dressed and cutest smile but my boy won FUTURE SCIENTIST!!!!!   Derek is well dressed and cute too but I would way rather he […]

Lalaloopsy Girls JEWEL SPARKLES and Mittens Fluff N’ Stuff are SEW cool!!

Lalaloopsy Girls

Recently  I announced on Facebook that I have officially become a Lalaloopy SIP {Sew Important Person}!   Today I bring you our first sneak peek at Lalaloopsy Girls that arrived just in time for playing yesterday afternoon!  Both girls will be available on August 4th! You can buy Mittens Fluff N’ Stuff and Jewels Sparkle at either Amazon.com or Lalaloopsy.com First […]

Tips to Staying Positive

Tips to Stay Positive and Keep Perspective

What you put out into the world sometimes is exactly what you will get back.  If you complain, you will get complaints.  If you share joy, you will get joyous responses.  Sometimes life is tough and other times it just isn’t.  Since the world is so connected now thanks to sites like Facebook and Twitter […]

What to pack for your family vacation at a beach house

What to pack for your family vacation at a beach house

Every summer my husband and I pack up the SUV filled with everything we THINK we need for a week at the beach.  We stuff the pillows between the kids and every single spare spot in the car that we find has a toy, a can of pringles or a bottle of laundry detergent.  This […]

Mini Fashionistas: Our FAVORITE Pajamas

Mini Fashionistas Our Favorite Pajamas

Derek would, if I let him, spend all day in his pajamas.  When he was a baby I loved the pajamas from The GAP and while  I still like them, since discovering Hanna Andersson pajamas it’s so hard for me to buy any other brand!  Although Hanna Andersson pjs come with a higher price tag […]

Fun Fridays Blog Giveaway Link-Up

Giveaway Link-Up | Finnegan & The Hughes

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I had such a fun winning week from blog giveaways!! I won 5 bracelets to Jenkinson’s Pier from The POSH Parent!!  That means a whole day of rides for free, my kids are going to LOVE it so much!! I also won the book Revolutionary Burger from The Vintage Mom!  We are huge pizza […]