How to Pay It Forward in September

Within seconds worlds, lives, futures and dreams can be shattered.

On the flip side…it’s amazing how one easy to do good deed can really change the direction of someone’s day.

With September 11th just over a week away I am reminded of the nightmare of the day. How an act of pure evil can devastate billions and also how we can then rally as family, friends, neighbors and try to heal together.  You can read about my September 11th experience here 

I have always found it an important part of being a good citizen to pay it forward. Paying it forward can be such little things as opening the door for a person, donating to a charity or as big as getting down and dirty out in the community and making a difference firsthand.

How about you? How do you Pay It Forward?

In honor of the nearly 3,000 people that died on September 11th Congress designated September 11th as a National Day of Service and Remembrance. Congress then charged the Corporation for National and Community Service with helping to support this effort across the country. For the anniversary, CNCS is working with MyGoodDeed and numerous other organizations to implement one of the largest days of charitable service in U.S. history.  Have you considered doing a good deed and paying it forward on Sept. 11th this year?  You can join the 9/11 Day Movement, Take the Pledge and help unite America and remember the victims of September 11th through positive actions

Here are some ways I found to pay it forward in honor of September 11th
9/11 Day Movement Take the Pledge!!
New York Says Thank You
Hope Worldwide



September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, this I know because my dear friend Trish’s daughter Lily is a brain cancer survivor. Through her actions Trish has taught me the importance of giving back, paying it forward and enjoying the time you are given on earth.

Trish and her family are always paying it forward, you can read about her efforts to go gold for September here Yoke…Go Gold.  By tweeting all month using the hashtags #CCAM and #childhoodcancer you can help raise awareness

In honor of the heroes that have survived childhood cancers and those children who were taken too quickly Trish will be sharing stories all month about Childhood Cancer here
Trish suggests the following ways to pay it forward in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month:
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation 
Friends of Jaclyn Foundation
CERN Foundation 


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  1. I’d like to hold an Alex’s Lemonade Stand. it’s been a couple years since we’ve done this.

  2. Love this. We lost a loved one on 9/11. It feels like yesterday.

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