Ten Simple Ways to Start Fresh in the New Year

Every year I have goals for the new year.  This year I will be turning 40 over the summer and I really want to start the New Year out on a fresh, new, simple and positive note.  After the rush of the holidays I have been feeling very overwhelmed, tired and running on empty.  I want to recommit myself to goals of moving towards a healthier and calmer lifestyle.

Here are 10 simple ways to start fresh in the new year!


1- Clean out your closet and drawers

Get rid of the sweater that you haven’t worn in 3 years and those jeans that haven’t fit in 6 years.  Clean out your closet, organize your dresser and get ready for the adventures of the new year without letting the ancient wardrobe hold you back

2- Clean out the pantry

While you are in the purging mode clean out the pantry of things you never touch.  If unopened and still good, put it in a box to donate to your local food pantry but check the expiration date first to be sure it shouldn’t just go in the trash

3- Move On

It’s a new year! Yes you are the same person and have the same issues but why not think of this as your chance to move forward with a positive attitude and healthy goals.

4- Set Some Attainable Goals

Don’t set yourself up for failure.  If for the past 10 years you have been saying you want to lose 15 lbs for the New Year and never do then DO NOT MAKE THAT YOUR GOAL!!  How about instead you try to set a goal of promising to walk 3 times a week or eliminating soda from your diet.  Something that will tweak your world not rock it all at once so that you quit by the end of week two.

5- Give Back

Think of something that you care about.  Find a cause that you want to support or an issue that you want to help publicize.  Do something good for others.  You will see when you give back you feel such a great sense of accomplishment that it’s like giving yourself a gift

6- Start Cooking More

I am so guilty of giving in to the ease of take-out food.  This year I want to try and cook more.  It will open new doors to different types of food and encourage more family time by sitting down together for a meal.

7- Be Present

PUT THE PHONE DOWN!  When you are with family, BE WITH FAMILY! Enjoy the moments and create memories

8- Find a Hobby or Start Doing Something You Enjoy

Love to ski, golf, knit or sew.  Never have time?  You need to MAKE the time or you will never get to do anything.  Days turn to weeks to months.  Just get up and do something fun!

9- Create a New Routine

Always running late?  Never getting to work or school on time?  How about changing your routine?  Maybe what you’re doing isn’t working.  Try things like making lunches at night or laying out clothes the night before.  Maybe get the kids dressed before they eat breakfast?  Switching things up and trying new approaches could make for easier days

10- Stop Trying to be Perfect

If you keep trying to be perfect you will never be happy!!  Accept your flaws and love them.  Acknowledge that you can’t do it all alone, allow others to help you and ENJOY your moments.  LAUGH with friends and family for you are the perfect YOU not someone else!!


Do you have advice to share on how to start fresh in the new year??  Leave your advice below and Happy New Year from me to you!!!


I also have goals on resetting myself as a mother for the new year!  Check them out HERE

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  1. Great reminders and tips! My pantry totally needs me right now!…. and making lunches at night is definitely key!

  2. Wonderful list! I love #3 #7 and #10 especially, Happy New Year!

  3. #7 is a goal of mine. So hard with young kids and lots of jobs…

  4. Stop trying to be perfect. This is one that I’m really going to strive for this year. Letting things go.

  5. Love these Sarah! Key word for me as far as goals go is “attainable”! I plan on doing some purging today:)

  6. LOL, except for clean your closet, I’ve done all of those in 2013! Time for more thinking on how to be creative for the new year…

  7. Indeed, my pantry is filled with nonsense leftover from various holiday celebrations. Must pitch the candy canes! Great list for 2014. Happy New Year Sarah!

  8. Stop trying to be perfect….yes I so needed that! Thanks!

  9. I’m totally bookmarking this list and starting on it ASAP!

  10. #10 is the best one. We’re never going to be perfect. We CAN work on doing better.

    I’d love for you to share this with my readers at Motivation Monday: http://alifeinbalance.net.

    Happy New Year!

  11. That sounds like a terrific way to start off the new year. Happy 2014!

  12. Great list, Sarah. PUT THE PHONE DOWN is my number 1 goal for 2014. That, and SLEEP. XOXO!

  13. These all sound good to me! I need to put the phone down and just remind myself that no one is breaking down my door to get stuff done for them. I’m much happier spending time doing things with the girls that we all love.


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