Get Carded with Hallmark Cards

Aside from a holiday card, when is the last time you got a card in the mail from a friend or family member?

Do you still send out birthday cards or just a text?  Computers have made us all much more impersonal.  Sometimes when I write a note I notice my handwriting is getting so sloppy since I never write notes or letters anymore, just type.

One thing I have been focusing on lately is reminding my loved ones how much they mean to me.  I tell them I love them when we hang up the phone and thank them for things they do that mean something special to me. You can never  let people know you love them too much or over-remind them that they are important to you.




I started sending one Hallmark card a day to my family and friends.  Each day I pick a friend or family member and send them a Hallmark card.  The response has been so amazing that it has even made me happier!!  I have gotten emails and messages from almost everyone I sent a card to telling me how much it meant to them!!  This was my goal- to make them know they are special!!!  Now that I have completed this challenge I plan on visiting Hallmark once a month to buy some cards for no other reason then to spread smiles.

Here are some of the Hallmark cards I sent out…

I sent this Hallmark card to my friend and wrote in it about how much she meant to me!!


My Aunt just had surgery and I sent her this Hallmark card! I know she likes the classic Pooh so it was perfect.


I couldn’t help but send my younger sister this funny Hallmark card!!






The last Hallmark card I am sharing is what I sent my parents.  It actually sings!!!  I sent it and then found out my dad needed surgery before it arrived.  It then seemed extra special because the card sings “I say a little prayer for you” by Aretha Franklin and that is what I am doing for my dad right now.


While getting ready for this post I have been reminded of how important it is to tell the people you know how much you love them.  Sending a card in the mail takes very little effort but makes such a big impression.  Life is too short!  So…I hope you will walk away from this post and tell at least one person today how special they are.

  Who will you tell???

Who will you send a Hallmark Card to?

Disclosure: I was supplied the cards in order to facilitate this post but all the opinions are my own.


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  1. Awww I sent the singing “I say a little prayer for you” to my friend who is in a coma. I hope his mom opened it and played it for him. I love sending cards. It’s so fun to write them out, slip an old picture in, and put my nice new return address labels on! The only thing I don’t like writing is thank-you cards…but I still do it anyway.

  2. My sister needs that bathroom card, too. Ha!

  3. “This card has no purpose” …that’s hilarious! I’d get one for hubby but he wouldn’t get it :)

  4. Great post and love that you highlighted such an important but dying art: writing. Sending cards is so personal – seriously who wants a mailbox full of bills, political nonsense and wasteful advertisements? But more than the card itself is the message and the thought. I encourage parents to use cards as a way to sneak in some creative writing without drawing attention to education. You picked some cute cards – nice job.

  5. I love greeting cards… it is an art finding the right one sometimes… love the ones you showcased! Maybe ill send one to my sister who lives far away?!

  6. my daughter loves the singing cards. She will wear them out opening and shutting them for weeks

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