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I never get the remote….Ok scratch that, I only get the remote when my kids hand it to me to put a show on for them.  It is rare that I get to watch what I want on television without an uproar.  If it’s not My Little Pony, Ninjago or Jake and The Neverland Pirates then it’s Sports or some show about selling or finding or hoarding junk that my husband is currently obsessed with.

Top Netflix Shows for Moms

Since I started streaming Netflix on my Apple TV I have found it so much easier to find some time for me to watch shows that I enjoy.  With Netflix it’s easier because I don’t have to remember to DVR anything and I can watch it immediately  when I find myself with some random free time. Which has now left me obsessed with Orange is The New Black!  I shot through season 1 like a crazy woman, binge watching when I could and hushing my children as I hid my laptop screen so they didn’t see what was going on!


I was even honored to attend the Orange is The New Black Season 2 PREMIERE in NYC!!! OMG It was amazing!!!  Everyone in the show is gorgeous, I mean stunning, every single one of the cast members!!  I met some while waiting in a long line for the bathroom.  They were all down to earth and just seemed excited about their premiere.  The after party at the Hudson Hotel was AMAZING!!  It blew my mind!!!


Ok…Back to being a mom and watching tv…It’s nice to have downtime to unwind and enjoy a good show so check out the suggestions Netflix has for you!


11 Netflix Titles for Mom’s Streaming Sanctuary

Titles you’ve heard about, but haven’t had time to watch:

FIN02 OITNB VerticalArt 1Sht Trim
Scandal SP LATAM 571x800
70180057 3336195
70202589 2768854
70143836 4177304
70157304 3358315

Sleeper hits you may have missed:

70136122 3895002
70245163 3962861
70253797 3377791
70175669 2525091
70267274 4132266

Snack Like a Gladiator: Red Wine and Pizza Popcorn


It doesn’t take many episodes of Scandal to realize main gladiator, Olivia Pope, consumes copious amounts of red wine and big bowls of popcorn after a long day. Like Olivia, we know you’re the “fixer” in your family too — click here to learn how to make your own Scandal-worthy snack for the ultimate indulgence.

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  1. I would add Dexter to this list! I’m just starting Orange but realized quickly I can’t watch around the kids so I’m going to have to be stealth like with Dexter ;0)

  2. I’m on season 3 with both “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men,” but they are so many seasons that I find it intimidating. I’m excited to start “Orange is the New Black” because I’ve only missed a little over one season and catching up seems do-able.

  3. So glad you pulled this list together. Since I finished Longmire, Sherlock, and Downtown Abbey I’ve been looking for something to watch. I tried Orange is the new Black and couldn’t get into it.

    • OITNB became addicting for me in Season 1! I am behind on Season 2 because of summer vacation and kids staying up too late

  4. Whenever I do have the time to watch something, I look through Netflix forever without finding anything. Thank you for this list! It will make next time easier!

  5. I’m obsessed with OITNB also! Scandal and Breaking Bad are in my rotation too. I’ll have to check out Sherlock sometime!

  6. Thanks! I need a new show to watch now that I am done with OITNB !

  7. Me too!!!!! I NEVER get the remote. I sneak upstairs and watch Netflix on my iPad :)

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